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My Latest (and First Ever) App!

The Writer’s Hat is my first app for iPhones and iPads.  for me this has been a really exciting journey!  This app is aimed at educators and classrooms.  As a teacher and Assistant Principal I have many years of experience in teaching literacy to young children.  Often students are asked to write a creative piece of work but are left scratching their heads for ideas.  The Writer’s Hat app allows students to have four basic elements of their story selected randomly for them.  For example they can be given a word for What, Where, Who and When.  They then must include each of their words somewhere in the story.  Often it is a springboard of random words that can be all it takes to allow the mind to think creatively.

How Could It Be Used in a Classroom?
After being provided with the four words, students could be asked to do a few minutes of planning using a graphic organiser, and then 10 or so minutes of “lightning writing.”  They may then use this piece to develop a creative piece or they may store it away in their “Writer’s portfolio” to come back to another day, should they so wish.  Often our best ideas grow upon us slowly.  After a few hours, days or weeks of mulling them over, a really good idea may develop.  This is why I like the idea of a Writer’s Portfolio or Scrapbook, ideas can be scrapped or developed at a later date.

Also in the Writer’s Hat app is the Word Box.  Students are presented with a noun, verb, adjective and adverb upon pressing a button.  Each word is selected randomly from the app’s database.  Creative teachers will develop many a great use for this app.  For example:

“Use each of the words provided to create an interesting paragraph about….”

Share your thoughts on using this app to develop creative writing and thinking skills with your students.


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