ESafe Kids

As a teacher of ICT (Information Communication Technology) for a number of years I was lucky to be able to access up to date information about the ways our children use modern technologies. This continues to be an interest of mine. Probably more of a passion actually.

Whilst an early adopter of technology, and gadget lover myself, I became acutely aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of technology and of its use by our children. As a parent, I share the worries of many parents about the impact of technology on our children’s lives.

Parents of the students I teach often share their concerns and express their exasperation about being “one-step-behind” their children.

I developed this simple app to provide information to parents who are unsure about what their children are doing online, and unsure how to help keep them safe. It is written in simple terms and is aimed at helping parents to become proactive and involved in their children’s online existence.


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