Learner Log

Learner Log

I developed this app, as I wanted to find a more convenient way of collecting learner driver information. I felt that as many teenagers have iPod Touches, and usually carry them everywhere, there would be no better place to collect the information about their driving practice. The data collected can then be emailed to create a back up.

Learner Log is the perfect app to collect and collate your learner driver hours (or any driver for that matter). No longer do you have to worry about losing or finding your log book. Keep the log book at home in a safe, dry place and simply enter all of the relevant driving details straight into the Learner Log app. Turn on or off the relevant features and collect all the information you need — and more! The app even adds all of the times for you and keeps track of the night driving hours too. Any information required in the Vicroads log book is catered for in this app. You can even export to a spreadsheet and email a back up to ensure you never lose your valuable data!

Developed by a Victorian mum who was tired of her teenagers misplacing the Vicroads log book!
Now that the data is taken care of, all we have to worry about now, is the safe driving!

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